welcome and please jump in...

We would like to welcome all fellow Brother and Sister paratroopers from all branches of service. We also would like to Thank You for your time in service, whether in peace time or war time. It does not matter if you are "5 jump chump" or a "mustard stain" Airborne trooper of the sky, just as long as you are qualified our door is open for you to jump on in.


If you have a moment, please go through our site and see what may interest you. If you are a member of 82nd Airborne Association or want to become a member of the Association, we can help you with that. We strive to keep our fellow paratroopers informed and continue the legacy of the Airborne tradition..."I pledge to uphold its honor and prestige in all I am and all I do."

Stand up...Hook Up...Shuffle to the door

Mission    Statement:

Promote the exclusive fraternity of Paratroopers and their family from every generation.



  • Adulate and preserve all Airborne unit Lineage, History, and Service.


  • Stay engaged with the local community through various programs and events.