About This Scholarship Program

The intent is for future paratroopers to purchase a brand new pair of Corcoran jump boots and shoe polish which are non-issued items but used in Airborne units as part of the dress uniform. 
Our chapter has partnered with US Army Recruiting in the DFW area to award select new recruits currently known as "Future Soldiers" a $200 scholarship. These select Future Soldiers are bound for Airborne School. They must have Option-4/Airborne, Option-40/Airborne Ranger, or 18X/Special Forces in their contract to be nominated for the scholarship. The Future Soldiers' with the best 1 page essay on why they want to be a US Paratrooper is awarded.     
This program is named after our Eric Copeland who originated the idea and was able to receive initial donations on the program's behalf. The chapter has awarded 2 recipients thus far and hopes to sustain this program and award more in 2022. 

If you wish to donate any dollar amount to this great cause please use provided PayPal QR code.